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DIMA Engineering

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Revolutionise Your Lab Operations with our Advanced Software Products and Solutions

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Our Product Suite for Streamlining your Research


Digitize your research workflow with eLabNotes, a comprehensive electronic lab notebook solution, enabling efficient experiment recording, seamless collaboration, and enhanced data management for accelerated scientific discoveries.

Electronic Lab Notebook (eLNB) for Researchers

Collaborative Research Made Easy

Streamline Workflows with eLabNotes

Efficient Data Management for Scientists

Hydra: Advanced Lab Data Acquisition

Streamline your research with Hydra, a powerful lab software for data acquisition and device control, empowering real-time monitoring and advanced data analysis.

Advanced Lab Data Acquisition

Streamline Research with Hydra

Efficient Data Control and Analysis

Web-Based Solution for Lab Data

Use Cases

Building Solutions for Diverse Industries

Empowering Researchers with Data Visualisation, Communication, and Documentation Tools

Unlock the Edge for Your Research!

About DIMA Engineering

DIMA Engineering Pvt. Ltd (DIMA) is a leading software product and services company, dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for various industries. With a strong foundation in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry since 1985, DIMA is backed by a team of senior technical experts and advisors in the fields of laboratory requirements and Information Technology.

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