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About us

Empowering Simplicity: From Engineering Design Solutions to Innovative Technology Products.

About Us

Initially, our company was established with the aim of offering fundamental engineering design solutions. However, as time passed, we underwent a transformation and became a technology product company. This shift in direction was primarily driven by our own business problem, which was relatively straightforward. We observed that existing products in the market were complex and would require us to hire experts to operate them. Recognising that business problems can be solved without unnecessary complexity or high expenses, we committed ourselves to providing simple solutions that just work.

During our pursuit to address our own business problem, we encountered a concise description of a business challenge in the EdTech space. It was at that moment that we realised our potential to not only translate the problem statement into a solution but also develop a complete and comprehensive product conceived by our own team

Our products, namely eLabNotes and more recently Hydra, emerged from similar origins—paper napkin-based requirement statements. The secret to our success lies in the innovative thinking of our team and their unwavering desire to constantly evolve our products.


Our vision is to make world class technology products which add more value than it costs for our customers.


We are on a mission to add more products to our portfolio and as always, our constant engagement with our user community drives us forward to succeeed in our mission.
We would love for you to be part of our products – as user, contributor and propeller.



DIMA is managed by an experienced and cohesive leadership team. Our business leaders combine strategic, operational and financial experience with extensive relationships and expertise within target industries. Senior leaders have, on average, over 20 years of relevant experience.

Shailendra Vyas

CTO & Director

The Technology Visionary in DIMA, Shailendra holds 21+ years’ experience of complex IT and Business Transformation projects in Indian and Overseas markets. A Microsoft specialist, Chief Architect & Seasoned Technology expert, Shailendra is the Big Thinker who evaluates emerging technology, assesses the best tools, inspires partners and teams alike thereby ensuring the highest levels of performance and quality at DIMA.

Dinesh K. Baranwal

CEO & Director

Dinesh guides our strategic policies and operations using his vast leadership experience. His background as a mechanical engineer from IIT and entrepreneurship acumen have guided the company to success. He is also on the board of directors for a successful lab equipment manufacturing company based out of Mumbai.

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